First baby steps towards a TRUSTLESS Inc. startup spin-off

Together with a few partners and advisors of the Trustless Computing initiative, we have started putting together plans for a 3-5M€ TRUSTLESS Inc. spin off startupto fund the creation of a TRUSTLESS computing base, a minimum viable product and an international certifications body, as well as expand the current Trustless Computing Consortium.
In case both non-profit R&D proposals and the new startup get funded, the two will work together, and the funding needs of the startup will decrease.
Though not yet ready for prime time, you can find initial “pitch deck” slides and Executive Summary at the startup page above. We are currently be seeking for:
      (a) exceptional people to join as co-founder, staff or advisors for our Trustless Inc. spinoff startup; and
      (b) exceptional entities to join members for the Trustless Computing Consortium.

Get in touch, or share with people or entities that may be a good fit, or with leads for value added early-stage investors.

Rufo Guerreschi