Trustless Computing Association is an international non-profit association devoted to research and activism in the area of digital civil rights, and IT and AI security and safety.

Since 2013, we have aggregated partnersadvisors, and team members – with globally-rare and complementary expertises in open high-security IT technologies, spanning the entire IT supply chain – to build a new standard, certifications, open computing base and ecosystem that sustainably and radically exceed state-of-the-art in the trustworthiness, and trustworthiness measurability, for the most critical digital communications and artificial intelligence systems; while preserving or increasing legitimate and constitutional targeted cyber-investigation capabilities.

Our revolutionary approach is based on the uncompromising applications our Trustless Computing paradigms, whereby end-users completely renounce to the need or assumption of any and all unverified trust throughout the entire supply chain and lifecycle of a given end-2-end IT service, and by organization processes that intrinsically and transparently ensure an extreme level of inspection relative to complexity – by highly competent and ethnically-aligned experts – for the design of all technologies and human processes critically involved.

It will also constitute the computing service and device with the least amount of software and firmware, in its critical stacks, that is not Free and Open Source Software.

Our goals are pursued through our 4 main action lines: campaigns for Trustless Computing Paradigms, Manifesto, and Whitepaper; the Free and Safe in Cyberspace global event series; TRUSTLESS.AI startup spin-off; the Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus proposal.

While headquartered in Rome, we are also active in Berlin, Luxembourg and Menlo Park.


a) Contribute to enabling the responsible remote exercise of political and communication civil rights, democratization, and the defense of the sovereignty of citizens and elected institutions; by making available – to all and cheaply – computing devices that deliver a constitutionally-meaningful level of privacy and security.

b) Contribute to increasing substantially AI Security and Safety, by creating an ultra-secure low-level open computing base and certification governance model – initially for communications – that can set to become the standard for root-of-trust sub-systems of near-term safety-critical and security-critical Artificial Intelligence systems.

c) Contribute to increasing overall public safety and security, by validating our intuition that citizens’ digital freedoms and states’ ability to digitally investigate criminal suspects are not an “either-or” choice, but a “both or neither” challenge, which can be substantially resolved.