Established in 2011, the Trustless Computing Association (previously called Open Media Cluster) is a non-profit research association, based in Rome and Luxembourg, pursuing the creation of bleeding-edge IT security standards and technologies for the public good.

Since 2014, its sole aim has been to aggregate world-class partners and scientific advisors to promote establishment of a new uniquely comprehensive standard setting and certification body for IT security, through a wide multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder consensus, the Trustless Computing Certification Body, as well as an initial compliant IT service and open computing base through the spin-off startup TRUSTLESS.AI and various R&D funding proposals.

Such new standards and certifications are conceived to be suitable to reliably certify end-2-end IT services that sustainably provide radically-unprecedented levels of IT and AI trustworthiness, and trustworthiness measurability - for the most critical societal IT, AI and cyber-physical systems - while preserving or increasing targeted cyber-investigation capabilities, preventing malevolent use, and overall increasing public safety.

Main objectives are to jump start: (1) a highly citizen-accountable and technically-proficient standard setting and certification body; (2) a low-level general-purpose HW&SW open computing base, platform and target architecture; (3) an expanding community of user and independent profitable certified providers.

For more information, review the basic Trustless Computing Paradigms and concepts which will guide the establishment of the Trustless Computing Certification Body.

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