An open call to join our Trustless Computing revolution!

The Trustless Computing Initiative has launched new activities to realize its vision, and is looking for talented and driven individuals and entities to contribute and join up! Here’s the current roadmap of the 7 main activities that we’ll be pursuing over the next 4 month, and opportunities for you in boldbelow:

1. Our main focus will be to evolve our Trustless Inc. startup spin offand fundraise in NYC, SF and Berlin, as per our roadmap. We’ll raise 5M€ (or 3M€ if the DS-01 RIA proposal is approved; 25% chance) to build much the same project that was proposed to DS-01 RIA, but more clearly aimed at sub-markets of communications and autonomous systems with high-volume, low regulation and short sale cycles. About 70% of the funds will go to the Consortium members to build Trustless. Starting July 15th, we’ll start meeting prospective funders, co-founders and team members.

We are seeking suitable smart co-funding entities, advisors and additional consortium members.

2. From July 10 till 20th 2016, we have won acceptance for our Trustless Inc. spin off startup to the Berlin-based yearly acceleration program.  It is sponsored by Siemens, Bosch and Deutsche Bahn.

We are seeking suitable talented team or co-founding members EU- or US-based, and willing to relocate to join the startup and/or the acceleration program.

3. On July 21st, we’ll hold our 1st Free and Safe in Cyberspace – US Edition 2016 in New York, with great speakers including Max Schrems, Joe Cannataci, Zachary Goldman.

We are open to requests for invitation-only audience (especially journalists), speaker, sponsor or co-organizer.

4. On August 25th 2016, we’ll be presenting a 2M€ Trustless-based R&D proposal to DS-05 CSA H2020 – Strand 1, together with IBM Ireland, Thales Group Netherlands, RelationalFS, EJ Consultants and others. Here’s a proposal draft doc (to be made more “cutting” with Trustless Computing concepts). RelationalFS is proposal coordinator, Open Media Cluster is tentative proposal coordinator.

We are open to statements of interest to participate as a participant or as governance partner.

5. On Sept 22-23, we’ll hold our Free and Safe in Cyberspace – EU Edition 2016, again in Brussels, with great speakers confirmed. We’ve just decided to move it back from Rome to Brussels for lack of confirmation from any Italian institution.

We are open to requests for invitation-only audience (especially journalists), speaker, sponsor or co-organizer.

6. We have started writing an extensive paper and report, provisionally called “TRUSTLESS COMPUTING: ultra-high assurance ICT services and lifecycles, with voluntary compliance to constitutional lawful access requests” (draft gdoc),to solve Challenges A and B of the Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series. The paper and report are due July 19th. We’re writing it together with Bart Preneel, Jovan Golic, as well as CapGemini and Tecnalia (the EU leading IT security consulting companies that were awarded the most extensive studies on Mass Surveillance for the EU Parliament STOA and LIBE Committee). With Tecnalia and CapGemini, we are looking into pursuing EU Parliament funding for an even deeper study, through the STOA and EU LIBE Committees.

We are seeking qualified and complementary contributors with a few hours of your time and/or as co-author of the paper or report.

Rufo Guerreschi