News Highlights of Q4 2015

(see below for our updated roadmap and profile of additional partners sought)

  • (Sept 30th) Submitted a 4M€ TRUSTLESS proposal to the H2020 FET Open RIA program, together with our core partner, with rare or unique competencies in highest-assurance IT, covering the entire lifecycle.

  • (Sept 24-25th) Held the 1st event of the global event series Free and Safe in Cyberspace, with world-class speakers including the most recognised US and EU IT security experts – including Schneier, Stallman, Preneel – and the most senior executives of EDPS, ECSEL, DG Connect Trust and Security Unit, EIT Digital Privacy Security and Trust Action Line, European Defence Agency. Sponsored by ECSEL and EIT Digital Privacy Security and Trust Action Line. Conceived and coordinated by OMC, the event focused on deepening the quality and widening the consensus on the socio-technical paradigms underlying TRUSTLESS. The 1st Free and Safe in Cyberspace – LatAm Edition, was be held next Oct 16th 2015 in Iguazu, Brazil. Next event are being planned for Rome and New York.

  • (June 3rd), European Defence Agency (EDA) Head of Microelectronics, Scheidler has invited us to present the UVST project in a one hour keynote to 22 MoDs at last Spring annual EDA CapTech meeting, as a new project proposal similar in scope to EDA SoC.

  • (July 3rd) Met extensively with Italian Dipartimento Informazioni per la Sicurezza DIS Deputy Director Ciocca to discuss the public safety implication of the project and our planned mitigation against malevolent use (See Extended & Dual-Use draft proposal).

  • (Sept 16th) Held a 3 hours meeting with Capo Reparto (Head) of VI Reparto Sistemi C4I e Trasformazione of the Italian MoD Adm. Di Biase, and 12 senior officers team, which manages the entire IT procurement and short-term R&D (TRL7-9) of the Italian MoD.

  • (Oct 1st) Met for 4 hours the head of the 2° Office of the Technological Innovation Department of the Secretariat General of the Italian MoD C.V. Cappelletti, and 2 of his team (C.V. Galasso and Ten.Col. Roggi), which handles R&D projects from TRL2-6, including EDA.

  • (Oct 14th) Held the 1st Free and Safe in Cyberspace – LatAm Edition 2015, in Iguazu, Brazil.

  • (Dec 3rd) Presented our 9-19M€ TRUSTLESS Extended & Dual-use R&D proposal, at the European Defence Agency headquarters during the annual EDA Cyber Industry Days 2015 (event agenda pdf). Our project was given the honour of a 30 minute keynote (slides pdf) – as the only R&D project proposal, side by side with the offerings of largest EU dual-use cyber technology heavyweights , including Indra, Finmeccanica, Thales, Atos and Secunet.


  • (Jan 20th 2016) !!!!!! Submit a 7-9M€ proposal to the Italian “Piano Nazionale della Ricerca Militare” (PNRM):

    • Basic. TRL: 2-6; Funding Rate: variable (50-75% on average);

    • Draft: The proposal webpage TRUSTLESS Extended & Dual-Use describes both PNRM and ECSEL. The PNRM is smaller than ECSEL, as detailed at this gdoc anchor of our 34-pager live Proposal Draft.

    • Slides: Slides were presented at the European Defence Agency.

  • (Jan 2016) (Only for ECSEL and/or EDA Cat-B) Formalize LoIs with Italian MISE and/or MoD, or other EU MoD (Germany and Spain), as a precondition to ECSEL participation.

  • (Apr 12th 2016) Submit to DS-01-2016: Assurance and Certification for Trustworthy and Secure ICT systems, services and components. Details & Match: See p.58 of Secure Societies (PDF)

    • !!!!!!!!! Type: RIA; TRL: 3-5; Max request: 3-4+M€; Budget: 13.5M€.

    • !!! Type: IA; TRL: 6-7; Max request: 3-4+M€; Budget: 9M€.

    • !!!!!!!!! Type: Coordination; TRL: n/a; Max req.: 1M€; Budget: 1M€

    • Partners Sought: See below. Especially: Highest-level EU national IT security certification “authorities”, such as members of Sogis, as well as certification lab certified for up to Common Critieria EAL 4-6, EU SECRET, NATO SECRET, and similar).

  • (Apr 12th 2016) !!!!! Submit to ICT-12-2016: Net Innovation Initiative.

    • Details & Match: See p.33 of LEIT ICT (PDF); Type: RIA; TRL: n/a; Max request: €M2-5+; Total Budget: 5M€; Draft: TBD; Partners Sought: See below.Other maybe in April:

  • (Apr 12th 2016) ! Submit to ICT-35-2016: Enabling responsible ICT-related research and innovation.

    • Details & Match: See p.89 of LEIT ICT (PDF); !! Type: RIA Smaller Short-Term; TRL: n/a; Max request:3-500K€; Total Budget: 7M; Draft: TBD; Partners Sought: TBD.

  • (Apr 12th 2016) ! Submit to ICT-03-2016: SSI – Smart System Integration

  • Details & Match: p.11 of LEIT ICT (PDF)

    1. ?? Type: RIA; TRL: 2-4; Max request: €M2-4+; Total Budget: 17M€;

  • (Apr 12th 2016) !!! Submit to ICT-06-2016: Cloud Computing

    • Details & Match: See p.18 of LEIT ICT (PDF); Type: RIA; TRL: n/a; Max request: €M3-5+; Total Budget: 35M€; Partners Sought: TBD.

  • (May 2016) !!!!!!!! Submit to ECSEL 2016 program

  • (June-July 2016) Hold the 1st Free and Safe in Cyberspace – North American Edition in New York, with participants from mostly from EU and US, but also from South America and Africa.

    • Location: New York or Washington; Co-organizers: TBD; Budget: 30-50K€

  • (July-Aug 2016) Pursue alternative funding possibilities, such as direct funding through seed funders or large company direct investments, by extending and updating draft business case analysis, possibly in conjunction with SME Instrument Phase 2 and/or Fast Track to innovation.

Additional Partners Sought

In addition to our current partners, we are actively seeking other participants for important rolesfor participation to one or more of our TRUSTLESS-based proposals described above.
We are seeking especially 1 to 3 EU-based international IT companies, large or SMEs, that have one or more of the following expertises or characteristics:

  • integration of high-assurance IT systems, and filling general expertise gaps throughout the lifecycle;

  • exploitation of the global commercial potential, military and/or civilian, of a solution like TRUSTLESS, in high potential sub-market globally; such as for example: defense and offense communications systems for governments; ultra-high assurance mobile solutions or unified communication solutions, for high-value government, corporate and consumers users.

  • coordination of large foundational R&D projects, and willingness to do so.

  • design or verification of high or ultra-high assurance IT component, that are complementary to current partners.

  • design and/or commercially exploit high-availability IT systems in end-2-end any communications and cloud and/or IoT, M2M domains – civilian and/or military. These will need to be compatible with the form factor, performance and power consumption of the CivicPod or 1st stage SW/HW architecture. Especially:

    • critical infrastructure, cyber-physical systems;

    • civilian ultra-high assurance autonomous and semi-autonomous IT systems (fixed and moveable, such as drones, self-driving vehicles, robots);

    • command & control systems for military missions.

We are also seeking relevant end-user entities, and suitable project coordinators.