Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus Initiative


The Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus is a public-private initiative project to jump start, in western Switzerland, a CHF 200m+ World’s leading research and startup hub for leading-edge IT security, privacy and safety in the area of critical human communications, financial transactions, cyber-physical and artificial intelligence systems. It will offer an unmatched array of scientific, quality of life, campus spaces and economic incentives to attract the very best talents, researchers, startups, accelerators and companies in such sectors.

After the $5.2 billion fine to UBS for allegedly helping French citizens evade taxes, plus similar fines for other Swiss banks, the Swiss ecosystem should seriously consider that – leveraging some unique expertise they have built in IT security since WW2 – the main business model of Switzerland which has been providing UHNWIs and firms unique confidentiality against other nations’ tax authorities” could be complemented by “providing UHNWIs and firms unique confidentiality and security against competitors, hackers, snooping governments”.

The initiative is promoted by the Geneva-based Trustless Computing Association, its partners, its Geneva-based startup spin-off TRUSTLESS.AI and it is centered in unique paradigms and approach to IT security. 

It aims to create a thriving geo-located open ecosystem around: (a) uniquely uncompromising and comprehensive security-by-design principles, (b) a proposed Trustless Computing Certification Body, and (c) a complete free/open source computing base and a resilient supply-chain comprising all critical components and fabrication phases. 

Such Certification Body is the central goal of the Free and Safe in Cyberspace conference series, held in Brussels, New York, Berlin, and last in Geneva on April 9-10th 2019, and will provide 100% of the trustworthiness of the SeeVik Pod being developed by our startup spinoff 

Our vision is organically supporting the vision of the Geneva Wealth Tech Forum (and Synergy Asset Management) in that their focus is on mid-long term techs like quantum computingAI and blockchain, while we have a very hard focus on a revolutionary uncompromising security-by-design approach based on opentime-proven and battle-tested IT technologies, oversight processes and governance models.


The Cluster will implement a novel political-economic modelthat will aim to achieve a substantial, sustainable and distributed economic development, through the promotion of (a) leading public policies for both research subsidies, pre-commercial procurement and early adoption policies, (b) leading-edge cyber security certifications, and (c) over CHF 200m of private R&D/innovation co-investments in the areas of ultra-secure IT and AI, and (d) innovative and extensive retraining programs for the unemployed. 

The Cluster is also highly synergistic with our Trustless Dual-Use Initiative, which will be presented in a holistic keynote to Armasuisse on invitation by Gerald Vernez, Délégué cyberdéfense of DDPS.

A Brief History

The vision of the Cluster and Campus, pre-dates the Association and TRUSTLESS.AI. In fact, the association was established in 2011 as the innovation and R&D component arm of an initiative for a CHF 150m 47.000 m2 Open Media Park technology park on cybersecurity, AI, and newTV, which our Executive Director Rufo Guerreschi led 2008-2012 in Rome, Italy, on a proprietary 12-hectares lot, which included extensive dedicated regional policies.

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