Join us on May 4th in Berlin for the 5th edition of Free and Safe in Cyberspace!


Join us on May 4th in Berlin for the 5th edition of Free and Safe in Cyberspace!

After Brussels, New York, and Brazil, we’ll be holding our latest edition in Berlin to launch a new digital renaissance by turning cybersecurity and AI from huge threats into great opportunities, together with a critical mass of world-classs pioneering nations, regions, enterprises, banks, experts and activists.

Join us from 9 AM to 5 PM on a beautiful Spring day in Berlin, with an impressive roster of international speakers to learn about new technologies and certifications that will be available in the next 2 years to help enterprises, banks, and institutions to radically mitigate cybersecurity and the new GDPR mandatory disclosure compliance risks and costs.

Since the very 1st edition in 2015, the series has catalyzed a community and a constructive dialogue around ways to build new voluntary international non-governmental cybersecurity certifications – and compliant open source technologies and ecosystems – that will radically-exceed the state-of-the-art in levels of IT and AI trustworthiness, while increasing public safety and cyber-investigation capabilities and spurring wide economic growth – by removing unverified trust all the way down even to CPU design, fabrication oversight and standard setting.

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