Free and Safe in Cyberspace comes to Berlin on May 4th 2018

After Brussels, New York and Brazil, the 5th Edition of our Free and Safe in Cyberspace conference will be held on May 4th 2018 in Berlin – in the heart of EU digital freedoms and privacy activist scene – to see how we can radically improve safety and freedom in cyberspace, by challenging the status quo and deeply ingrained misconceptions.

As we have since our 1st edition with amazing speakers, we’ll sharply focus on a dialogue and critical mass around solutions to the most important challenges of this Digital Age: (A) Can we create a new IT and AI security certification body, and widely available compliant systems, that radically exceed the security and accountability of current military and civilian state-of-the-art systems? and (B) Can we do so while at once increasing public safety and preserving legitimate and constitutional lawful access capabilities?

As outcome of 3 years of research with our advisors, partners, and numerous speakers of previous editions, we presented a newly published Position Paper – Case for a Trustless Computing Certification Body, which we hope makes a convincing case for how a new international non-profit standards-setting and certification organization can produce radically-unprecedented socio-technical and governance safeguards can jointly solve challenges (A) and (B) above. 

Speakers will include IT, blockchain and GDPR experts, and digital civil rights activists; as well as current and former top cybersecurity officials of Deutsche Telekom Labs, the Austrian CIO, the German Armed ForcesGermany Ministry of Interior, and European Defence Agency.

Rufo Guerreschi