Management Team

Rufo GuerreschiExecutive Director and Chief Scientist. Pursued single-mindedly for the last 16 years the meaningful enactment of civil rights in cyberspace. Aggregated world-class firms, r&d centers, industry associations and public entities in the Trustless Computing Consortium. Conceived and lead the global leading-edge event series in IT & AI security, Free and Safe in Cyberspace. Brought valuation of EU 2nd largest IT/media tech park project from 3€ to 21M€.  Lead open source e-voting/e-democracy startup, that sold in 3 continents.  Lead EU sales of J2ME provisioning system till a 10M€+ 2001 sale to Telefonica. (LinkedIn)

Roberto GalloChief Technology Officer. He designed: (i) the hardware security architecture of the Brazilian voting machines (T-DRE, Urna Eletrônica), with more than 400.000 devices manufactured, (ii) the development of the ASI-HSM, the HSM of the Brazilian PKI-root CA and the sole device with the highest Brazilian certification level (NSF2-NSH3, FIPS 140-2 Level 4 compatible), (iii) the first Secure Microprocessor of the southern hemisphere, the SCuP. (LinkedIn)

Udit Dhawan, Lead Endpoint Security Advisor. Former Research Scientist Intel Labs Bangalore, Technical Lead at Samsung R&D India, for over 3 years hardware architect on the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) CRASH/SAFE project, aimed at a clean-slate co-design of the entire computing stack for secure computation (now being commercialized by Dover Microsystems USA). Currently on break from his Ph.D. (since 2014) from University of Pennsylvania. (LinkedIn)

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