The mission of the TrustlessComputing Association, and its Trustless Computing Certification Body and CivicNet open computing base is:

  • Restore, and improve upon, the pre-Internet balance between the public sphere – of streets and squares – and the private sphere – of businesses, homes, and spaces for private assembly – that was crucial to sustain democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of thought in our democratic societies.

  • Contribute to the wide availability of IT services and life-cycles with radically-unprecedented, constitutionally meaningful levels of trustworthiness, that are sufficiently-extreme to enable a responsible remote exercise of political and communication civil rights, except public institution vote; and therefore promote global democratic processes, and digital sovereignty of citizens and democratic nations.

  • Increase overall public safety and cyber-investigation capabilities, by validating our intuition that citizens’ digital freedoms and states’ ability to investigate criminal suspects are not an “either or” choice, but a “both or neither” challenge, and which can be substantially resolved by solving the lack of extremely transparent and accountable certification and oversight.

  • Contribute to creating and sustaining an ultra-high assurance low-level deterministic open computing base and certification governance model, that will be critical to substantially or radically increase the user trustworthiness of security-critical artificial intelligence systems.Promote the creation and wide adoption of new multi-stakeholder cybersecurity certification body, and an compliant open computing base and ecosystem, that radically-exceed state-of-the-art in user-trustworthiness of IT and AI systems, while increasing public safety, cyber-investigation capabilities and economic growth.”