• Campaign for the Trustless Computing Paradigms, Manifesto and Whitepaper campaigns. An ongoing campaign, connected to the Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series, to advance and further the consensus on basic document and guideline of the planned Trustless Computing Certification Body:
    • Summary Whitepaper: A Case for Trustless Computing, including the latest version of the Paradigms and Manifesto  (latest version pdf)
    • Whitepaper: A Case for Trustless Computing, a longer 50+ page whitepaper state in fine detail a case for and guidelines for the establishment of such a body (latest version pdf)
  • Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series. A global event series, ongoing since 2015, with the sole purpose of creating a wide consensus on the need, feasibility and nature of a new standard-setting and certification body with the goals of the Trustless Computing Certification Body (TCCB). It has been held already in Brussels, New York, and Brazil, and has attracted amazing world-class speakers.
  • TRUSTLESS.AI startup spin-off. A startup based in Luxembourg, that spun of TCA in Nov 2016, which is raising $6-25M to better fund all activities of TCA and, especially build (a) a compliant open computing base, (b) a resilient supply chain, (b) and an initial compliant IT services, CivicNet and CivicChain, aimed initially at the most critical communication, negotiations and transactions of high-profile enterprise and individuals.
  • Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus. A long-term 2020-2030 public-private 200M€+ initiative that aims to jump start in the Lazio Region, Italy, the World’s leading regional ecosystem and technology park on leading-edge security for communication, cyber-physical and artificial intelligence systems, by offering an unmatched array of scientific, quality of life and economic incentives to the very best talents, researchers, startups, venture funds, companies.
  • R&D Public Funding Proposals. Since 2014, together with our partner, we have submitted several R&D funding proposals, such as our last 1M€ and 4M€ proposals to EU H2020 R&D funding program presented in April 2016. Albeit not required by the R&D funding calls, all Core Technical Partners signed the related conditionally-binding Consortium MoU Agreement (pdf) setting in fine detail royalties, patent, licensing, non-compete and more; in order to make the ecosystem resilient even from “economic attacks” of nation states.