Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus

The Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus is a public-private initiative project to jump start – in western Switzerland – a World’s leading research and competence centre on leading-edge IT security for communications, financial transactions, cyber-physical and artificial intelligence systems, by offering an unmatched array of scientific, quality of life and economic incentives to the very best talents, researchers, startups, accelerators and companies in such sectors.

Lead by the Trustless Computing Association – and its partner, standards and approach – it aims to create a thriving geo-located open ecosystem around uniquely uncompromising and comprehensive security-by-design principles, a proposed Trustless Computing Certification Body, and a complete free/open source computing base and a resilient supply chain comprising all critical components and fabrication phases. It will create a sort of an “ultra-secure Arduino” ecosystem. 

The revolutionary political-economic model of the Cluster aims to achieve a very substantial, sustainable and distributed economic development, through the promotion of World-leading public policies the research subsidies, pre-commercial procurement and early adoption policies, leading-edge cyber security certifications, and over €200M of R&D/innovation private co-investments in ultra-secure IT and AI, and innovative and extensive retraining programs for the unemployed. (see diagram on the right)

Click here for 7-pager Executive Summary.