A 4M€ UVST-based TRUSTLESS R&D proposal submitted to H2020 FET-Open RIA Call

Sept 30th 2015, Rome. Today, we re-submitted an R&D proposal based on the User Verified Social Telematics (UVST) project, to the Horizon 2020 FET-Open RIA Call, named “TRUSTLESS: Trustless socio-technical systems for trustworthy critical computing and organizations“.

It is the most important step in pursuit of funding for the UVST project. We thank dearly our outstanding advisors and partner (see PartB4-5) for the constant support and unrelenting belief in the scientific potential and societal importance of the project.

Links to copies of the submitted documents: PartB1-3 (abstract & 16-pager proposal), PartB4-5 (participants, advisors, and public safety aspects) and the Online Form (budgets)

Our next steps for the project can be seen in our UVST roadmap.

Rufo Guerreschi