Dear Mr Paul,
Given your … We offer you to invest in the current equity round of TRUSTLESS.AI, to be followed by an ICO in late Q1 2019.
My name is Rufo Guerreschi. I am CEO of the Luxembourg and Berlin based startup TRUSTLESS.AI, and Exec. Dir. of the Trustless Computing Association.
At TRUSTLESS.AI, we are building the CivicPod, a 2mm-thin touch-screen Wifi-enabled handheld device that seamlessly delivers radically-unprecedented levels of confidentiality and integrity to the most critical communications, negotiations, e-banking and cryptocurrency transactions of ultra high net worth individuals, top executives and high-profile persons; while solidly enabling offline only legitimate lawful access.
We achieve such unique security levels by merging uncompromising endpoint security-by-design paradigms – down to CPU, fabrication and even certifications – together with time-proven enterprise-grade blockchain techs. Since 2016, we aggregated globally-rare or unique ultra-high security open IT provider/partners into an entire ultra-resilient ecosystem.

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